Brisbane Wedding Venues

There are so many Brisbane Wedding Venues for couples to consider.  From Country, to Beach to City, Studio SW19 has the experience to photograph your wedding whatever your dream location.

Let us help you choose your perfect Wedding Venue in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast

Choosing your wedding venue tips

The first and most important decision of your wedding day is most likely what venue you will choose.  Your Wedding Venue will influence your budget, theme, colour and style of wedding.

With so many choices available this can feel a little overwhelming.

Here are a few tips for you to consider before you short list your venues to visit.

  • The first step in your journey to find the perfect wedding venue is to consider your budget.  There is no point having the perfect wedding venue but then not being able to afford your perfect dress, cake, flowers and photographer 🙂
  • How many people would you like to invite.  The number of guests and your budget will determine the cost per head that you can afford to pay.  Also most wedding venues will also have a minimum guest requirement to consider.
  • Do you require onsite accommodation.  If your dream wedding venue is in a remote location, can it accommodate your guests, or is there enough accommodation nearby for your guests.
  • Does your Wedding Venue also provide for an on-site ceremony.  Are there additional cost associated with this for set-up.
  • Narrow the field of your search by deciding whether you see yourself in a City, Country or Beach wedding.
  • Does your Wedding Venue provide wet weather options and locations for wedding photography should it rain.

To help you decide we have already gathered together the answers to all they key questions for a few of our favourite wedding venues.

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