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  • Natural Wedding Photography, Brisbane Wedding Photography

Why hire a Professional Wedding Photography Studio

A wedding photographer only gets one chance at a wedding to capture those special moments.  A professional wedding photographer will know what’s going on and what will happen next.  They are also experienced in knowing how to capture that moment given the lighting and environment presented.

Studio SW19 has photographed 100s of weddings so you can be assured we have a proven track record of telling the story of your day.

There are however also many other factors that make us a professional wedding photography studio:

  • Although having expensive gear and all the post production software you can buy doesn’t make a professional photographer, we have to admit we still have both of those … and we know how to use them 🙂
  • We do our best to be available to you when it is convenient for you.  So our Studio is available to our lovely Brides and Grooms from 8am to 8pm weekdays and weekends when we aren’t photographing weddings.
  • We stand by a code of ethics as set by the AIPP, Australian Institute of Professional Photography.
  • Wedding Photography is all that we do.  In fact we specialize in wedding photography.
  • We are continually updating our skills and keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology.

A professional wedding photography studio will also provide two photographers as standard.  The second photographer serves as a backup for your very important wedding photographs.  While your Primary photographer is making sure they capture all the “must have” photographs, your second photographer has the freedom to explore those creative shots.  Of course they can also be available to take photos of the Grooms preps and to meet with the Groomsmen prior to the wedding ceremony.


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